Edmonton Oilers trade Jordan Eberle to New York Islanders for Ryan Strome

David Amber of TSN: Do you think GMs were beating down the door to get Eberle? He been available for more than a year. Wake up It called a salary cap. Eberle at $6M on team with McDavid, Draisaitl, RNH and Lucic wasn going to work for next two years don you watch video from this years playoffs? Find me a single 50/50 puck battle he won. Gregor of Oilers Nation adds: Eberle for Ryan Strome. No retained money. No picks. Strome one year left at $2.5 mill. Eberle two left at $6 mill makes this deal to save cap space and believes a change of scenery will boost Strome offence. Says he got an extra jump in his step now. Gets Tavares a guy he done well with in the past. Oilers though? Hope Strome busts out and they cut salary?

Jason Brough, NBC ProChoiceHockeyTalk: Apparently Eberle trade value took a massive hit after his nightmare playoffs.

Terry Jones, Edmonton Sun: Strome $2.5 million with one year remaining. Eberle two years left at $6 million. Makes Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys room for McDavid and Draiaitl new contracts has played half the games (258 to 507) and scored a third of the goals (45 to 165) compared to Eberle.

TSN Dustin Neilson: I like the deal for the Oilers.

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Ryan Rishuag, TSN: Oilers needed cap space, it was either 93 or 14 to go. Wanted to keep the C to allow 29 to move back to wing if need be. Have to think Russell deal may be close, Oilers need some certainty with cheap panthers jerseys Sekera out to start season. Can risk both being absent. But it’s probably hard to square that with the year of hype for a potential trade that created some delusions of grandeur about Eberle’s trade value. At the very least, Oilers fans are probably wondering: How do you not pull a defenseman off that Islanders roster in an Eberle trade to Brooklyn?

Bob Stauffer, Edmonton Oilers radio announcer: With McDavid and Draisaitl deals a priority Oilers gain cap space. Strome, like Eberle, talented, will give team flexibility in top 9.

Mark Spector, Sportsnet: Eberle for Strome. Underwhelming for Oilers fans, but the goal of dropping salary was met by Chiarelli.

James Duthie, TSN: Eberle: super excited to be a part of the Islanders organization. Also grateful for the chance the Oilers gave me coming into the NHL. Marc Majeau: Oilers now have 3 of the Top 5 picks from the 2011 NHL Draft (RNH, Larsson and Strome) Traikos, National Post: Just landed in Chicago and turned on phone to Eberle trade news. Wow. Not much of a return for Oilers, but shedding contract is huge.

Jim Matheson, Edmonton Journal: I sure McDavid will know Ryan Strome pretty well. Never change Oilers Eberle for Strome. Extend the 30 year Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys 2017 Lastest And Cheap old shot blocking offensive black hole. Hall Eberle Seguin

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Kurt Leavins, Cult of Hockey This is part of the formula to extend McDavid Draisaitl. Those are Jobs 1 2. Defence a little lower than that. More changes ahead no doubt.

Wasn a big fan of Eberle but that return is questionable. Hope Strome can bounce back and Eberle for Larsson and Strome.

Must be more coming cause that is a sht trade straight up.

Whether we understand it or not, cap space is now a commodity when judging or looking a trades. Strome has one year at 2.5, Eberle two at 6

Welcome to the team Ryan Strome! It’s gonna suck to lose you in the next expansion draft.

1/350 on my TL have seen Strome play

Jonathan Willis, Oilers Nation

Eberle 51 point season, considered a massive disappointment, would have been a career best for Strome. Having said that, I like Strome a bunch. Question now is whether the Oilers can make effective use of their saved cap space.

This is the last year of McDavid ELC, the Oilers should be all in. Instead they downgraded for cap space that they didn really need of the men nominated for GM of the Year last night has turned Hall and Eberle into Larsson and Strome in just 358 days.