appears in court accused of threatening to kill Theresa May

motorized wheel chair bound Fife woman, 72, Appears in court accused of threatening to kill Theresa MayTHE pensioner appeared in the dock for allegedly making death threats against Discount Football Jerseys the now prime minister and sparking a bomb scare at Harrods in London. Share15:24, 30 aug 2016Updated15:36, 30 AUG 2016The 72 year old is accused of threatening to kill now pm Theresa May (video / photo: PA wire) give

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A 72 year old woman from Fife has appeared in court accused of Tom Brady Jersey harmful to kill Theresa May.

Wheelchair bound Isabella Jackson faces a string of charges over alleged e mail threats some of which sparked an investigation by GCHQ intelligence analysts.

The pensioner allegedly claimed had been bombs planted at two US embassies and sparked another bomb scare at Harrods in London.

She is also alleged to have elected death threats against May, Then the Home admin, In the fall of 2014.

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the particular pensioner, coming from Buckhaven in Fife, Faces a total of five charges on indictment of threatening and abusive behaviour and under the advertising Act.

The first charge states that Jackson behaved in a damaging and abusive manner likely to cause fear or alarm at her home in Buckhaven, Fife or at the Palace of Westminster and threatened to kill the now pm.

A second charge alleges that about the same day at her home or at the GCHQ in Cheltenham she threatened to kill Mrs May.

Jackson is further cheap authentic super bowl jerseys alleged to have sent emails to US embassies working in london and Paris with the intent of inducing the false belief that bombs were present at the embassies.

(photograph: The view of Harrods from Princes courtroom)

Those offenses are said to have happened between December 13, 2014 and present cards 7, 2015 at her building and GCHQ.

A fourth charge alleges Jackson send a message to Fife Council between August 30 and sept 10, 2015 praoclaiming that a Susan Johnston had died and caused her annoyance, hassle and needless anxiety.

The fifth and final charge alleges that on sept 14, 2015 Jackson communicated by email with the intent of inducing the fact there was a bomb at Harrods in Knightsbridge, paris, france.

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Defence solicitor Peter Mullen said: “She enters a plea of not guilty to all intercourse on this indictment.

“We have not yet got closet of full disclosure from the Crown.

“One production still outstanding is laptop computer report which ties everything together,

Once that is received it is likely the defence computer expert will require to be instructed and a report prepared from him.

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