2016 A Big year looking back

Most of us are so busy during the year that in the heat of all the action it becomes challenging to appreciate the real impact of all the changes that have occurred in the past year.

Obviously, the merger of Dell and EMC to create the single largest end to end provider of IT infrastructure on the planet stands out as arguably the most significant IT events of my life, and certainly one of the biggest of 2016.

But it’s important to remember that mergers of this scale don’t occur in a vacuum. In the past year, the way IT infrastructure is deployed, reebok nfl jerseys provisioned and managed inside the data center has been utterly transformed. There is massive pressure in the system:

People are building new applications in new ways rediscovering the art of software, and discovering that it is the key (along with the foundations of Cloud and Analytics) to digitizing themselves, their businesses. Things like Cloud Foundry are leading the way along with a frothy/dynamic/exciting/disruptive container/cluster manager ecosystem. The days when compute, storage and networking were managed in isolation have come to an end. Public Cloud models are creating massive pressures on legacy IT operational models, and standalone server/network/storage business models. IT organizations are now migrating in droves to pre integrated converged and hyper converged infrastructure that simultaneously reduce both the total cost of acquiring and operating IT infrastructure. Not everyone is ready to “buy”, some want to “build” which is why we need to have a continuum, but let’s be clear there is mlb replica jerseys china a shift to “buy/consume” underway. Infrastructure itself at it’s best is boring and invisible. Being more outcome oriented (CI and HCI) rather than “build it yourself” still doesn’t get to the finish line. Those CI and HCI systems are being used to host private clouds of all shapes and sizes. Rather than trying to build IT infrastructure themselves most IT organizations have now discovered it’s now much simpler to buy converged systems optimized to host those private clouds. That approach enable those IT organizations to shift limit resources away from managing IT infrastructure to focus on applications that are being rolled out at a rate that is faster and more furious than ever. When it comes to the ingredient level dialog, the storage market is being massively disrupted by two things SDS/HCI and Flash. Dell EMC called . We made the statement for ourselves (to lead the disruption), for our customers (so they go fast) and for the market as a whole (so that inertia can be overcome). But I want to share a personal perspective, one that I shared with my team as we enter the holiday season and the twilight of 2016, I’m a little reflective as always, my notes are a little long, but from cheap jerseys 66 the heart. This is a look back at a crazy year from one person’s perspective (mine).


that in January I was blessed to become the new leader of a very, very successful startup named VCE a startup that singlehandedly created the converged infrastructure market. It was time for VCE’s mission of delivering customer outcomes and make it the central, integral to an amazing technology giant EMC.

It wasn’t going to be easy for us, and would challenge the core of the business, the leadership, and every single person, role and function. It would mean a changing identity, and material organizational changes. Heck on a personal level, it was going to be my first full blown general management gig. We have continued to grow the business, and while I won’t say that all the challenges of integrating every part of the business from engineering, to product management, to product marketing, to customer service, to professional services, to every aspect of the GTM I won’t say that it was easy on any of us, and I won’t say that we nailed everything, as a team, we have done incredibly well in shifting Converged Infrastructure from a “VCE thing” to an “everybody thing” and that’s been central to our success.


At the start of the year an important part of job was to start to lean the team into the Hyper Converged Infrastructure market.

Together in the span of only 12 months, we have created a business in VxRail and VxRack that will have generated huge new business for us in 2016 and more importantly has added a ton of customers (and many, many thousands of HCI nodes) to our converged business. In usa soccer sweatshirt one year, we vaulted us from “not on the map” to the 2 position in the HCI marketplace. Our goal was to move into the 1 position by the end of 2017, and we will achieve that goal with VxRail and VxRack on their own in 2017.

We proved we could rapidly build a multi billion dollar business in just a couple years with Vblock/VxBlock and we’re doing it again with VxRail and VxRack.


Of course no one ever has bought

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